Our Core Values

1. We Value Jesus “Jesus matters in our daily lives”
2. We Value Application of Scripture “Taking next steps”
3. We Value Growth “Followers of Jesus grow”
4. We Value Service “Every member is a minister”
5. We Value Relevance “Changing methods….unchanging message”
6. We Value People “People matter to God”
7. We Value Small Groups “Growth and service in community


How do we fulfill these values?

1. We value Jesus “Jesus matters in our daily life”

We believe that we are called to follow Jesus daily in our lives. Our connection with the church and worship is to strengthen us and help us follow Jesus every day, at home, work, and play.


2. We value application of scripture “Taking next steps”

The Bible tells us to be “doers” of God’s word, not just “hearers”. We believe that the Bible is God’s word and filled with truth and wisdom for living life. We are committed to taking “next steps” in our lives as we become more devoted followers of Jesus.


3. We value growth “Followers of Jesus grow”

God’s plan for us is to transform us more and more into the image of Jesus. We believe that if we are following Jesus, we will grow and mature in all areas of life including faith and action.


4. We value service “Every member is a minister”

We believe that everyone who has come to faith in Jesus is called to serve. We all have a responsibility to share God’s love and truth and to use our talents for God’s Kingdom.


5. We value relevance “Changing methods… unchanging message”

We believe that we should communicate with people in a way that they understand. This means that we must use methods that fit into our culture. We will use whatever means of communication that will help people to understand God’s message of truth.


6. We value people “People matter to God”

God created every person and loves them dearly. Therefore, we place a high value on all human life and respect all people. Our love for people isn’t based on whether they agree with our beliefs. It is based on God’s great love and compassion.


7. We value small groups “Growth and service in community”

We believe the best place to experience life change, meaningful relationships, and growth is in a small group. There is something about the personal interaction of a small group of people that fosters growth and change.