So, who is this new church in town and what are they all about? Hopefully in the next few paragraphs we’ll give you a glimpse of why we are the best place for you and your family to spend Sunday morning.  Our core values demonstrate those ideas that we hold close to our hearts and strive to perfect.


Our Core Values:

Loving People

Teaching Truth

Making it Relevant


Loving People ~ The easiest way to love people is to give them the best that you have to offer. Here at Stepping Stones we’ve done just that. We have our best people pouring their hearts out to make everyone that enters our door feel comfortable and at ease. No nametags, no singling you out, and no speeches. Grab a cup of coffee and some pastry at our Café, head into the Worship Center and enjoy the music. The best is yet to come!


Teaching Truth ~ Our messages and philosophy are based on the Bible. Our church affiliation is Free Methodist (for more info go to Really, this boils down to the fact that our messages are based on the Bible as our standard of truth. We don’t make anything up and we don’t twist the words.


Making it Relevant ~ Here’s where we really shine!!  We’ve found that people today don’t attend church for two main reasons – it’s boring and well, they’ve got other things to do! Families are busier than ever and we completely understand. That’s why our service is packed full of great teachings and music but wraps up in about an hour. Our music is like what you might hear on the radio and our messages are relevant and applicable to your life TODAY – not 100 years ago!